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Pet OdorsThe challenge of keeping pets is the multiple levels of cleaning, odor, and sanitizing on a regular basis.  As much as we love our pets, they are a constant care duty.  This duty goes well beyond feeding, grooming, and taking them for a walk.  

Odor is probably the most prevalent issue for pet owners.  It starts with urine and feces, and extends to oil and fur.  

Then, we should be concerned for diseases that easily pass between animals.  Infectious disease is even more concerning when pets are housed, even for a short period, with other pets.  Nearly every pet owner dreads retrieving their pet from a pet boarding facility that returns with "Kennel Cough" or "Parvo".  And, we know the deadly effect of Dog Flu that returns time and again.

Finally, fleas are an issue as they can infest carpet and furniture as well as the pet.  In some states, biting mites are brought into the home by pets.

Amazing Fresh Air treatments offer a comprehensive solution that works on many levels.  It starts with the elimination of bad odors that pet owners may no longer notice.  This is the infamous "Nose Blind" issue that is only partially noticed when the owner returns from time away from home.  But, visitors to the home will more profoundly smell.

The Amazing Fresh Air system also offers a seven log (99.99999%) sanitizing of the home or pet care facility.  This is done with a safe "No Touch" treatment that will not harm animals or people.  There is no chemical residue even if the pets lick their paws or items after the treatment is applied.

Our decontamination treatment also neutralizes chemical residue that often goes unnoticed, but adds to the pollution of the the indoor air quality.