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Rid Gym OdorsSports are a great way to relieve stress and maintain health.  But, if you or your family is involved in sports of any kind, there are associated concerns that may ruin the experience.

The most obvious issue for gyms, locker rooms, weight rooms, and workout centers is odor.  There is reason for odor.  This is a natural "Warning Indicator" that something may be trouble.  We are programmed to smell things to assess if they are dirty, rotten, spoiled, or an infection threat. 

But, infectious disease need not come with an odor.  They spread by some common contact, so gyms are the perfect environment for infectious skin diseases like impetigo, MRSA, ringworm, Molluscum Contagiosum, and tinea.  

Then, there are the viral problems like the flu, norovirus, and a variety of ailments that are hard to trace back to their source.

Cleaning is not enough.  There is a big step between cleaning and sanitizing that nearly every gym misses.  Bacteria, virus, and fungal threats cannot be totally removed by "wiping down" the equipment.  But, even sanitizing product may not do the job.

If you read to instructions, most sanitizing product must stay "Wet on the Surface" for eight to ten minutes.  If the staff at the gym simply does a "Spray and Wipe" treatment, they have only cleaned (not sanitized) the facility.  And, that means the real level of infection control is minimal.

Amazing Fresh air treatments offer a seven log (99.99999%) sanitizing treatment.  We destroy all odors, kill all pathogens, and neutralize all chemical residue in one extraordinary treatment.