Car, Boat, Trailer, & Truck Odors

Car OdorsA car can be one of the most neglected of our possessions.  People routinely smoke, eat, transport kids (who spill things), bring their pets, and haul a variety of things in their cars or trucks.

Smells come from stale food containers, those lost french fries, cigarette smoke and ashes, mold and mildew, tippy cup spills, pet, and general smells from hours and hours of people in the vehicle.

Decontamination is not just about mitigating previous drugs in the building or car (which is also included in the process), but includes odor elimination, sanitizing all pathogens, killing mold and mildew, and neutralizing any chemical residue.

Amazing Fresh Air Treatments will totally and completely eliminate all these issues in ONE COMPLETE TREATMENT.  Our proprietary system is non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-polluting.  Yet, it is the most effective treatment anywhere.  This is because the treatment is activated at the time of use.  We do not use off-the-shelf products.  Every treatment gets the benefit of a fully activated treatment that is at peak power when we apply it.

We are absolutely convinced of the effectiveness of our treatments that we offer our "Assurance Warranty" that if the problem returns within the month, we will retreat at no charge.