Impressive ATP Tests at a Veterinary Clinic

Dean Mangum of Central Biogreen Solutions, has an ATP meter that he uses to validate the work he does.  Recently, Dean tested two areas that he later treated with Decon Five.  The ATP meter is a real-time test that is indicative of the presence of bacteria.  So, the greater the reading, the greater the concern for disease.

Germ Guard for a Healthy Business

Garm Guard with Decon FiveTreating the facility with Decon Five impacts the Indoor Air Quality on many levels.  Decon Five is a broad spectrum treatment that brings a 99.99999% sanitizing to all areas of the building.  As a "No Touch" system, there is no danger of cross-contamination.  So, the treatment can easily treat kitchens, back room, bathrooms, and work areas.

Florida Church Mold Treatment

Mold is a serious health issue.  Some mold is allergenic, and other types of mold are toxigenic.  Either will aggravated respiratory conditions, but toxigenic mold will gradually make anyone sick.  A mold test can determine the type of mold and its health threat.  Regardless of the type of mold, the treatment is still to kill it, clean the mold away, solve the water leak, and apply a mold inhibiting solution prior to the reconstruction of the areas.

Pet Odors in an Investment Property

Recently a real estate investor called Chad with a "Smelly House" problem.  This was mostly a pet odor problem, but the house had a notable "Old Smell" that isn't uncommon in older homes.  Such odors are hard to locate or isolate.  So, the treatment must be comprehensive treating all areas of the house.  

Mistaking Mold Sickness for Multiple Sclerosis

Long term exposure to Stachybotrys or Chaetomium, can destroy the myelin sheath that causes many of the same symptoms that MS victims have. 

There is no cure for MS and much of the treatment focuses on the use of medications. Considering the similarity in symptoms exhibited by MS patients and those suffering from toxic mold and the fact that mold can also destroy the myelin sheath, the key question that must be answered: 

Could Mold Cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) published, WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould, to highlight the potential health problems caused by Wat

A Cat Urine Nightmare Solved

Cat Urine OdorProfessional remediators have a few well-known clean-up challenges.  If there were ranked, cat urine is likely the worst, curry odor would be next, and then cigarette smell.  Every experienced service professional knows that these kind of jobs are embedded odors and tend to foul every corner of the building.

Mold Spore Count with Decon Five

Mold Inspection Particle CounterJerry Dicus is a very experienced mold professional in the Lima, Ohio area.  His company is Earth Safe, and he has treated nearly every kind of mold condition possible.  Jerry has been one of our best resources for testing the effect of mold treatments with Decon Five.

Decon Five Saves $6000 in Mold Costs

Mold on CurtainsThis time I used H2O2Decon for the first time. After vacuuming the draperies, I applied the Decon five mix as a prespotter before normal cleaning.  By the time I got to the affected areas the mold was completely gone. I flushed the per normal to complete the job. This was the easiest mold removal experience I've ever had, and no typical heavy peroxide odor.

The Luminettes looked new, customer very happy. Retailer not so much - she thought she had a $6K replacement sale. Not now."

Post-Flood Restorations in Florida

Flood Recovery from Hurricane Irma FloridaTo the victims of Hurricane Irma in Florida, it is important to know that the storm is the worst immediate threat.  What happens after the hurricane falls into a flood recovery issue, and the post-flood cleanup is very, very important.