The Amazing Power of AHP

Amazing Odor Removal ServiceAmazing Fresh Air Systems brings a unique and equally amazing process that solves multiple problems in one treatment.  Many have heard of hydrogen peroxide, and it is known that hydrogen peroxide will kill germs and kill mold.  However, straight hydrogen peroxide is good, but not a superior product.

Our process uses a very special formulation of "Activated Hydrogen Peroxide" (AHP).  Other may use this phrase, but there is a huge difference between pre-mixed formulas and our two-part product that is mixed minutes before it is applied.  This delivered an extremely high level of decontamination that works on many levels.

Other processes like ozone take several hours to do the job our team does in an hour or so.  Yet, our treatment will touch every surface, all fabrics, and reach deeply into problems areas.  When we mix the two solutions, we have right hours of extreme potency that a pre-mixed product cannot match.  

Activated Hydrogen PeroxideOur process is like liquid sunlight.  It cannot be bottled, but it is quite powerful.  During the activation period, the sprayed product resolves threats on contact.  The results are, well .... just amazing.  When our customers return after a ten minute drying time, they are totally impressed that the worst issues are totally, and permanently, gone.

More than an activated product, the more accurate description is "Cross Activation" allowing our product to create several levels of remediation.  We do not boost the hydrogen peroxide, it is the activating ingredient for the "Inert Ingredients" to shift to full power.

Basically, hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer, like ozone; but is delivered by a liquid rather than a gas.  As an aqueous solution, we get a more direct and intimate contact with environmental threats.  Instead of hours to erode the threat via oxidation, we achieve equal or better results in seconds and minutes.

The Amazing Results

Detoxify Your HomeOur product is extremely safe, but extremely powerful.  You can expect that the problems address will be completely resolved.  We are not a cleaning service, so best results are achieved when we can treat after the general cleaning has been done.  

And, the treatment is expedient.  Treatment areas need to be vacated during the process, but normal activity can resume ten minutes after the treatment finishes.  You will experience a fresh, germ-free, mold-free, toxin-free home or work area as you return.


Amazing Fresh Air will dramatically improve the Indoor Air Quality, which includes ...

     ►  Permanently Remove all types of Bad Odors

     ►  Detoxification of the entire house or office

     ►  Sanitize with a 99.99999% pathogen killing process

     ►  Neutralizes Chemical Residue like VOCs and chemical residue

     ►  Kill mold and mildew on contact

     ►  Break down the biofilm that protect bacteria and pollutants

     ►  Sanitize the air duct system

     ►  Benefit from this Allergy Abatement process (Allergies, Asthma, and MCS)

And rest assured that our product is EPA registered, non-toxic, non-polluting, and biodegradable.  There is no strong smell when people return and there is no damage to any goods in the home.